About Us

Tecno Zurcher

Tecno Zurcher Srl was born in 2008 from Tecnomeccanica Zürcher Srl, which was ceased after a company restructuring due to the critical market conjuncture that had been involving the quarry sector since 2008. Having acquired all the know-how, design, studies, technical knowledge, and expertise of its former company, Tecno Zurcher Srl operates in the field of aggregates quarries below the water table and in dry conditions. Tecno Zurcher Srl is able to offer second-hand floating grab dredgers of various brands and of different capacities, according to the customer’s needs. Besides this core product, Tecno Zurcher can provide hydraulic motor and rope grabs of different capacities, both MRS and traditional, to be mounted on the dredgers. Moreover, we can offer various types of conveyors, including floating, catamaran floating, land, and inclined conveyor belts along with dewatering, vibrodewatering, and vibrating selector screens, bucket dewatering reclaimers, sword washing machines, feeders, and hydrocyclones. Our range of products also includes complete conveyor – selection – washing systems for quarries with mills, crushers, and granulators. Mechanical metalware – such as bearings – are by the renowned Swiss brand RKB, whereas screen decks and polyurethane items can be provided by a well-known Italian company operating since 1994.